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Basic expressions in Greek no 2

Saying what nationality you are…and where you ' re fromSaying if you are on holiday or business

Στην Ελλάδα και στην Κύπρο…
You are sure to find yourself in conversation with friendly people who will be very curious to know about you, who you are and where you ‘re from, especially if you speak a little Greek. They, in turn, will be delighted to tell you about themselves. So you will find it useful to know how to talk about yourself- and to ask others a few questions too.
Saying what nationality you are Key phrases
EίσαστεΆγγλος/ Αγγλίδα;             Are you English?(m/f)

Ναι/ ΌχιYes/No Neh/ ohee
ΕίμαιΣκωτσέζος/ ΣκωτσέζαI’ mScottish (m/f) Eemeh scotsehzos/scotsehza

For a more informal way of saying you are and are you? Replace είσαστεwith είσαιeesehe.g. είσαι Eλληνας; Are you Greek?

Key phrases - Saying where are you from

Basic Greek expressions no 1

Saying hello, goodbye & how are you
Saying what you are called & asking someone else’s name

In Greece and Cyprus people tend to be informal with each other and seldom use each other’s surnames. You may well hear people addressed as, for example, Mr. George (κύριεΓιώργο) or Mrs. Anna ( κυρίαΆννα), which expresses both respect and friendliness.
KEY PHRASES/ saying hello and goodbye Kαλημέρα (σας)!                         Good morning/ day ( to you) Κaleemehra (sass) Γειά σας!/ Γειά σου                       hello! (formal &plural/  Ya sass/ ya soo                                                     Informal) Goodbye!
The letters in bold in the transliterated words denote the stressed sounds in the Greek words. Notice the accent ΄indicating which sound in a word is stressed.

·In general,γειασουis used to address one person, and