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Ancient Greek said to sharpen modern mind

The Ancient Greek Language is one of the oldest written languages on the Earth, and it belongs to the Indo-European family. Many scholars have examined the phonology, the morphology or other structures of the Ancient Greek language, and almost all have pointed out that it is one of the most accurately structured and logical languages of all times. Learning Greek, therefore, is great for brain development.

The Ancient Greek Language distinguishes from other Indo- European languages mainly for its uniqueness. The main difference between the Ancient Greek language and other languages is its alphabet. Its alphabet is unique, and it is designed with mathematical structure. The Greek alphabet laid the foundation for many of the accomplishments of the western world. The Greeks took the Phoenician or North Semitic alphabet, changed five consonants to vowels and applied geometric structure and order to the uneven Phoenician characters, converting them into art forms of great harmony and beauty.…