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The secrets behind the myth of Prometheus

Arnold Toynbee professes that there is always a basic myth which dominates the birth of a civilization. For the Greek civilization, it is not hard to discover it; it was the Myth of Prometheus. Prometheus was a hero who revolted against Zeus, stealing fire to rescue the humankind, which “the oppressor of the sky and the earth had decided to annihilate ”. The myth of Prometheus is the precursor of the West spirit. This which Aeschylus attributed to Prometheus, Sophocles converted it into praise for the human: “Πολλὰ τὰ δεινὰ κοὐδὲν ἀνθρώπου δεινότερον πέλει”. “Many things cause terror and wonder, yet nothing is more terrifying and wonderful than man”, sings the Antigone’s chore.  Prometheus represents the spirit of insurrection and revolution against the savage gods’ prohibitions, which symbolize the primitive person’s fears and the phobia of nature’s blind forces, which prevail over him. Prometheus is also the spirit of curiosity and adventure, which motivates Odysseus to explore unk…