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Tips for online tutors

“...the way that people behave in a face-to-face context, and the way they behave in an online context are two totally different things, and content should be tailormade to suit those differences.”(Associate Professor Rick Bennett)
Technology can be a valuable asset that helps children learn and absorb more of the lesson. However, there are several issues to consider when planning your online class.

the importance of pedagogy over technology. Technology should not be the main focus on teaching or learning process, but rather a component which improves and enriches the teaching and learning experience, and which is carefully integrated into the curriculum planning.the need to align assessment with learning outcomes. Do not get carried away with the numerous opportunities that technology offers. Stay focused on the learning outcomes as technology has the potential to be a distraction.make sure that students are familiar using the technologies well before teaching the class. This way any …

Neuter nouns- how to form the plural

1. Neuter nouns ending in -ο make the plural in -α
το δώρο (gift)-τα δώρα το βιβλίο(book)- τα βιβλίατο πρόσωπο (face)- τα πρόσωπα Did you notice the neuter articles in the singular and plural number?
2. Neuter nouns ending in - ι make the plural in -ια examples το παιδί (child)- τα παιδιάτο μάτι (eye)-τα μάτια 3. Νeuter nouns ending in -ος make the plural in -η examples το δάσος (forest)-τα δάσητο λάθος (mistake)-τα λάθη το έδαφος (ground)-τα εδάφη Note that neuter nouns ending in -ός, that is to say, the stress bears on the last syllable, make the plural in -ότα example το γεγονός(event)-τα γεγονότα 4. Neuter nouns ending in -μα make the plural in -ματα
examplesτο γράμμα (letter)- τα γράμματατο μάθημα (lesson, subject)-τα μαθήματα5. Neuter nouns ending in - σίμο, -ξίμο, -ψίμο make the plural in -σίματα, ξίματα, ψίματα examples το βάψιμο (painting)-τα βαψίματα το γράψιμο(writing)- τα γραψίματα 6. Neuter nouns ending in -ας make the plural in-ατα and in -ώς make the plural in -ώτα …