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The Greek articles

The Greek article is a little declinable word which has three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter. There is a definite and an indefinite article which both agree in gender, number and case with the noun they refer to.
Definite article singular
M                         F                          N o                           η                          το      (nom.) του                       της                       του    (gen) τον                       την                       το      (acc.)
MF                           Ν οι                          οι                          τα      (nom.) των                       των                       των    (gen) τους                      τις                         τα      (acc.)

The definite article is used: - when the speaker refers to a person, animal or object which is known or has been previously introduced, for example: Διαβάζω το βιβλίο που μου έδωσες. – I am reading the book you gave me. - when the speaker speaks generally and refers…

Classroom Greek activities for kids

Getting a Group of kids to Pay attention in a classroom is not an easy task. Whether it is a party or inside a classroom, games and activities are the best tools to keep Children engaged. A fun challenging activity can keep them focused on what you are saying.

List of activitiesTaboo
Taboo Game Rules
The teacher has made many clue cards which each of them has one clue word. Players are divide up into teams (Team A, Team B, etc). Clue-givers try to describe the clue word to the other teams. Clue-givers may not use any English words including abbreviations or any part of the word. Clue-givers may not use sound effects or use gestures to indicate the clue word. Whoever is shouting will lose a point.

Find out the missing letter or word


The teacher has made some flashcards with Greek words with missing letters. Players should write down the missing letter or word. Each team has to make sure that nobody can see their answer. Whoever shouts the answer, loses one point no matter if the answer…