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The Present Tense- Classical Greek

Sing                                            παύω= I stop Παύ-ω Παύ-εις Παύ-ει Pl. Παύ-ομεν Παύ-ετε Παύ-ουσι (ν)
The "ν"- often called "movable n"- is added (to make pronunciation easier) if the next word starts with a vowel, or if this is the last word in a sentence. The part of the word that remains unchanged is the stem (παύ-). Hyphens will be used initially to show the division between stem and ending.The majority of the Greek verbs go like this. There is just one main conjugation.Other common verbs you have to learn ἄγω = I leadάκούω= I hearγράφω= I writeδιδάσκω= I teachἓχω= I haveτρέχω=Ι run φέρω=I bring φυλάσσω οr φυλάττω=Ι guardGreek words which contain -σσ can be also written with -ττ.
Let's practice! Translate into English
φέρομεν ἀκούεις τρέχουσι ἐχουσι γράφει διδάσκομεν ἅγετε