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1.Greek Stories
Author: John Taylor and Kristian Waite
Greek Stories is an ideal first reader for students of Classical Greek. It offers 100 self-contained passages of manageable length, chosen for their intrinsic interest and adapted from a wide range of ancient authors.
2. Greek to GCSE: Part 1 &  Part 2
Author: John Taylor
This textbook has become a standard resource for students in the UK and for readers across the world who are looking for a clear and thorough introduction to the language of the ancient Greeks.
3. OCR Anthology for Classical Greek GCSE
Author: John Taylor
This is the OCR endorsed publication from Bloomsbury for the Greek GCSE set text prescriptions examined from 2018 to 2023
4.Vocab Express – OCR GCSE Classical Greek Vocab Express is an online package that engages students to learn vocabulary independently for Modern Languages.