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Connecting words- Classical Greek

The following are very common:

καί                   and

τε*... καί          both...... and

ἀλλά              but

 * This comes second word in a phrase, after the first (or only) word referring to the first of the two items being joined:

ὁ τέ δοῦλος καί ὁ ξένος

both the slave and the stranger

In case the first item consists of just one word, τε and καί end up next to each other:

δοῦλος τέ καί ξένος

both  a slave and a stranger

Let's practice!

Translate into English

ὁ τέ ξένος καί ὁ ἀγγελος σύμμαχοι εἰσιν.

ὁ στρατός οὐ μένει ἀλλά φεύγει.

διδάσκω και μανθάνω