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Recommended Greek workbooks & Notebooks (Level B1,B2)

Taxidi stin Ellada (Level B1 & B2) / Ταξίδι στην Ελλάδα B1 & B2

This textbook is the second one of the series «Journey to Greece» for those who are taught and teach Greek as a second or foreign language. The aim of «Journey to Greece 2 - Modern Greek for foreigners, Levels B1 & B2» is to help learners respond to more complex communicative situations, «traveling» through its pages in places of the country, discovering elements of the culture, meeting images and situations from contemporary reality.   The book is constructed by twenty units - lessons. Through a variety of skills related to comprehension as well as production of written and spoken language what is taught is all the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of the corresponding level, according to the curriculum of Athens University for Intermediate (B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2) students and the levels of language learning established by the Greek Language Centre.Klik sta Ellinika (Level B1 & Level B2)/ ΚλικσταΕλλη…